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My Internet Journey Begins

I started training officially on 24th November 2014 with my homework to register a domain, get hosting and create a WordPress site with an “About Me” page. I called it “About Dan”.

Some of you may have heard of Mike Thomas:

otherwise known as “Mike-from-Maine” and he is tutoring a small group of us, all of which are starting out as complete “Newbies”.
“Newbies” is the Internet Marketing term for someone like me, who has little or no real knowledge about earning money online.

All that is about to change for our small group who I am getting to know slowly. We use a private group in Facebook. I have to confess, it has taken me quite a while to work with Facebook, maybe you are smiling at me now, but after my training I hope to be launching a product to make a Penny or Two.

I have created a couple of other pages, which I will update. Please drop by often to follow me on my journey ……………